Creating Relational-Focused Cultures

The foundation for great human resource management and development is creating a workplace culture focused on communicating “the way others need to hear something”, to the person v. at the person. We know this to be the quickest way of building trust, growing relationships and motivating employees. It is easy to fix a broken HR process or system, it is a challenge to grow a workplace culture that allows the HR fix to take hold. SRA can do both for you.

Ron Smedley – President

As President and founder of Synergistic Resource Associates™, Ron’s passion is readily observed as he aligns his 30+ years of experience with organizations wanting to grow both their people and systems. He has a passion for creating culture that affects the bottom line.

With experience and expertise allowing him to be referenced as a true professional generalist, when issues arise, Ron’s strengths focus on the finest of details while synergizing with an organization’s mission and “big picture.” This leads to creating innovative human resources solutions while providing both relational and organizational development.


Pat McAuley – Human Resources

Pat brings over 20 years experience in Human Resources, practicing as a Professional Generalist, with a focus on Selection and Recruiting for the past several years. In her last job before joining SRA, Pat worked as Director of Recruiting for a large corporation, managing a team of recruiters located nationwide.

Pat believes that Human Resources is the heart of an organization and is the beginning of any organization’s ability to meet and even exceed their goals and objectives. When an organization hires the right person, treats them with respect and compassion, and helps them be the best they can be, that employee will do everything they can to help their organization succeed.

Our Mission at SRA

Providing people management and development solutions for organizations wanting to grow.


Our Core Principles

We say what we do, People before process, Best practice with truth, Humility in Leadership, Excellence in life

creating relational-focused cultures